of A Level students achieved A*-B grades


of GCSE students achieved grades 9-8


taking up places at their 1st choice university

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Shortlisted for World’s Best School Prize for Innovation

Two school students look at something together in class


Lifelong passions waiting to be discovered


Our Bursary Programme provides support totalling over £1.2m to 78 students per year

"At St Helen’s, girls discover new and exciting ideas, and find out what truly drives them."
Libby, Head Girl 2022-23
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Exams matter, yet St Helen’s is so much more


Proud to be the first independent school in Hillingdon to be awarded Gold STARS

"Disabled kids do not normally get to experience a holiday on their own - independence. PHAB week is amazing just for that reason alone. What you do is pure magic for disabled kids but also a well needed and hugely appreciated break for their families."
Veronika, Parent