Exams were cancelled in 2021 as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A Level grades were decided after a rigorous process of assessment by teachers using a range of evidence generated throughout the course, including examinations, test, classwork, homework and non-examined assessment (coursework). These grades were then subjected to internal and external quality assurance to ensure that they represented a fair reflection of what the students know, understand and can do.

As a result of this process, students at St Helen’s were awarded the following grades:


  • 48.4% of A Levels graded A*
  • 83.5% of students achieved A*-A
  • 96.4% of grades awarded A*-B
  • 99.6% of grades awarded A*-C
  • 63.7% of our Year 13 students achieved A Level grades comprising only A* and A grades
  • 83.5% of our Year 13 students achieved AAB grades or better at A Level (the minimum grade profile typically required to study many competitive courses at leading universities)


  • 100% of AS Levels graded A*-A
  • 100% of grades awarded A*-B
  • 100% of grades awarded A*-C

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) 

  • 39.1% of grades awarded A*
  • 97.8% of students achieved A*-A
  • 100% of grades awarded A*-B
  • 100% of grades awarded A*-C

GCSE & IGCSE (overall)

  • 45.2% of students achieved grade 9
  • 76.5% of students achieved grades 9-8
  • 93% of grades awarded 9-7
  • 98.6% of grades awarded 9-6
  • 14% of students achieved 9 or more grade 9s
  • 30% of students achieved 7 or more grade 9s
  • 66% of students achieved exclusively grades 9-7

Any comparison with previous years’ results must be made with caution, as these grades are the result of teacher assessment rather than performance in the examination room.

These were particularly challenging and uncertain times for our students, and we are proud that their dedication and hard work over their full GCSE and A Level courses has enabled them to achieve such a well-deserved and strong profile of results.