The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) has awarded St Helen’s the top grade of ‘excellent’ in all areas which is the highest possible judgement.

We are so proud this outstanding report recognised that we place exceptional academic achievement at the centre of our ambitious vision and that our students “enjoy taking responsibility for their own work, are highly motivated to learn” and that “pupils achieve high standards in lessons, extra-curricular activities and external examinations.”

“The academic success of pupils is a key aim of the school and the leadership has actively promoted independent learning and challenge. This has been most successfully implemented by the teaching staff and is one of the strongest factors contributing to the pupils’ academic successes.”

Our commitment to pastoral care was highlighted as being a particular strength, with inspectors finding that “the school makes an exceptional pastoral commitment to its pupils and this supports their strong progress.”

Our School was particularly praised for promoting social responsibility among the pupils. Inspectors commented that “pupils play a full and active part in the local, national and global community, and show high levels of commitment to their charity work and service to others.” The inspectors were impressed by the sense of community which they found at St Helen’s, commenting “pupils are exceptionally accepting of others. They respect their peers, valuing the diversity of faiths, cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities within their school and they form friendships without regard to these differences.”

We are delighted that the ISI inspectors found that our School fully meets the requirements of the Independent School Standards.

The full reports are available to download below.

educational quality inspection report