Our students will be brave and true, ever intellectually curious. They will believe they can do anything. They will want to explore how they can best interact with the world around them and make a difference for the better in their own way. They will be ready for whatever the future brings.


  • Be excited about their learning, always asking the question ‘why’;
  • Be independent, adventurous and resilient;
  • Be the problem-solvers and trailblazers for tomorrow;
  • Always be guided by integrity and their own strong moral principles;
  • Celebrate diversity;
  • Be compassionate towards themselves and others.


  • To provide each and every girl with the opportunity and means to achieve academic excellence;
  • To provide our students with the personal skills, emotional resilience and the confidence to achieve their full potential through a varied, rich and challenging co-curricular programme;
  • To know, value and respect all girls as individuals so as to best support them on their journey through the school;
  • To ensure that the girls are ready to play a full and active part in their communities and in an interconnected digital world.