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Bursary Awards

As a charity, St Helen’s is committed to widening access to an exceptional education to all prospective pupils, irrespective of financial means or social circumstances.

St Helen’s offers a number of bursary awards, which are designed to enable academically gifted pupils whose parents might not be able to afford the full fees to attend the school.  A bursary is a means-tested financial award which can, in some cases, cover 100% of fees.  Our successful Bursary Programme currently provides support totalling over £1m per year to more than 65 pupils at the School.  27 of these pupils receive 100% support and, in cases where a 100% award is made, contributions towards the fees for lunches, coaches and curriculum trips is also provided.

Bursaries are generally awarded at the 11+ and 16+ points of entry or to an existing pupil whose parents are experiencing unexpected financial difficulties.  They are awarded and reviewed annually to take account of changing financial circumstances.  Bursaries are not linked to scholarships and a pupil could receive both.

Funds are limited and bursary applicants must ensure they adhere to application deadlines set out in the admissions process.  If your child is already at St Helen’s and your financial circumstances have changed, please speak to the Accountant or Business Director at the earliest opportunity.

More information on bursaries can be found in the School’s Bursary Policy or by contacting the School Accountant on 01923 843224.

Receiving a bursary enabled me to stay on in Sixth Form and finish my studies with peace of mind that the financial side of my education was taken care of. I was able to finish my A Levels with the support of teachers who have known me for most of my life. As a result, I am now at the University of Bristol, the university I always dreamed of going to and I am studying the perfect course for me, Experimental Psychology. I am so thankful to the School for allowing me to explore all of my options and become the person I am today.

Yass Rad, Alumna