Frequently Asked Questions about our Bursary Programme

What is a bursary?

A bursary is where the school fund’s part or all the school fees, subject to the outcome of a review of a family’s financial circumstances. This is not a scholarship where a reduction in fees is awarded based on academic, musical or sporting ability. As bursaries are separate from scholarships, a student could receive both.

How much is a bursary?

It varies. It could be 100% of fees on a sliding scale to 5%. The bursary also includes the cost of a loaned laptop and stationery etc.

Why does the school have a bursary programme?

The Governors of St Helen’s are keen to promote the attendance at the School by students whose parents might not be able to afford full fees but would greatly benefit from the education.

Who should apply?

Applications for a bursary are open to all students who register for the entrance exam by the deadline and who feel they may not be able to afford all or part of the school fees.

How to apply for a bursary?

Tick the box which says ‘applying for bursary’ on the Registration form (do ask your school if the registration is free). The deadline for the registration form is Friday 11th November 2022 for entry into Year 7, but you can send in your registration form before then. There is no ‘first come first served’ basis for this.

How will I know if I can apply for a bursary and when should I apply?

Following completion and receipt of the Registration form, and subject to your daughter being offered a place in either Year 7 or Year 12, your bursary application will be assessed, and you will be informed if you have been successful.

When to apply?

Once you have completed the Registration form and submitted it by the deadline of Friday 11th November 2022 for entry into Year 7, you will be sent a link by email to the online bursary application form. You will have between Wednesday 16th November and Friday 2nd December to complete this.

What and when are the 11+ assessments?

St Helen’s School is part of a consortium of 14 independent School’s in North London that manage their admissions process collectively in order to reduce the number of assessments sat by pupils at 11+. The 11+ assessment is a bespoke online test used by this consortium to determine a student’s proficiency in English and Mathematics, as well as their creativity, logic and problem-solving ability. 11+ assessments will take place on the 2nd, 6th or 8th December 2022, using the Atom test provider. Further information regarding this test can be found on the Admissions page of the St Helen’s School website. Access to more information and test material from Atom may be free for certain state primary schools, so do ask your school for more information.

How will I know if we have been successful?

Offers are posted on 10th February 2023 and you have until midday 6th March 2023 to accept a place. If your daughter is offered a place at St Helen’s, the offer letter will tell you if your daughter has been awarded a bursary and/or scholarship and its value.

How long does a bursary last?

Once awarded, a bursary stays with the student throughout her time at St Helen’s, subject to an annual financial review to ensure that the family circumstances have not changed, using the same process as in the original application (e.g. by you providing supporting financial information and documentation) and also that the student upholds her obligations, such as working hard, contributing positively to the life of the School, being a credit to the School and setting a good example to other pupils.