Middle School Production – Lord of the Flies

We are committed to providing all pupils with opportunities to express themselves creatively and develop their imagination. Success is achievable where talent is matched by dedication and ambition and we are investing in bespoke arenas in which the girls can experiment and develop their creativity and technical skills.

Our productions continue to inspire and excite and the Middle School production of ‘Lord of the Flies’ was no exception. This is a challenging play (based on William Golding’s novel) and calls on the cast to show the external and internal aspects of their characters’ descent into primitive, aggressive, uncivilised behaviour. The transformation of the novel’s characters into girls worked extremely well and – terrifyingly! – the cast were entirely successful in portraying this ghastly insight into human nature.

The Middle School play is always a team effort and every member of the cast and backstage team performed their role to a very high standard; however, three girls were particularly important and successful: Libby, Sophia and Lucy. Many thanks to the Drama Department and the students who were involved.