Highlights from the CCF year…

The CCF provides older girls with invaluable opportunities to develop leadership qualities, self-confidence and self-discipline – their shared experiences along with their peers from Merchant Taylors’ have been memorable and breathtaking (quite literally…)

Our cadets never shy away from a challenge and their resilience was particularly put to the test during the simulation training drill at HMS Excellent in Portsmouth, home of the Navy Command, as they battled the torrents of rushing water, the rocking of the ship and endured being submerged in over 6ft high freezing cold water in a team endeavour to locate and repair leaks. At HMS Collingwood girls spoke with personnel about their experiences onboard ships and submarines and visited HMS M33, one of the ships that survived the battle of Gallipoli.

As the first and only CCF contingent in the country to be invited, the cadets took great pride in marching through the cobbled streets in Ypres to commemorate the centenary. It was particularly moving and poignant during the service when one million poppies were released from the top of the Menin Gate during the one minute’s silence. Representatives of the CCF also attended the Northwood War Memorial, and St Helen’s girls laid a wreath in commemoration. Our girls were honoured and humbled to be part of these significant events. The annual Inspection Day is undoubtedly the highlight of the CCF calendar, with girls displaying the drills and skills they have practised over the year having participated in a whole raft of activities including raft building, kayaking and scuba diving. The Royal Navy narrowly lost out to the Army Section which won the Best Section trophy.