Sixth Form induction trip to the University of East Anglia

As part of the induction programme, Year 12 students went on a residential induction trip to the University of East Anglia. This opportunity gave Year 12 a unique chance to bond with peers, experience a taste of University life and learn about the independence, resilience and study habits which make for a successful time in the Sixth Form and a smooth transition to Higher Education.

The University of East Anglia is an outward-looking university which seeks to engage with schools and potential students. The university holds Gold rating for the government’s Teaching Excellence Framework assessment, it is ranked 15th by The Times Good University Guide 2019, as well as in the world top 200 by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019.

The programme included a sample lecture, advice on writing a successful EPQ, a visit to the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, tours and Q&A sessions with current students, team (or tutor group) bonding games, and a night out in Norwich city centre including a memorable global buffet with popular sushi, chocolate fountain and more, and then bowling. Below is an account of Anaika’s experience:

“Year 12 students were provided with a unique and exciting opportunity to visit the fantastic campus of the University of East Anglia first-hand over the first two days back at school. This was a thrilling experience as it helped us consider options for higher education in a calm and relaxed manner as well as allowing us to reconnect with one another and bond with the new girls. The trip itself was incredibly enjoyable as it consisted of talks and campus tours. During this time, we were able to truly envision university life, something we don’t often focus on, and reflect on our possible higher education preferences. The highlights include a Q&A session with some students which allowed us to ask them about their experiences through A levels and University, bowling as it allowed us to further reconnect and undergo some friendly competition and finally, the information we received on the EPQ. This was truly invaluable as many of us are taking an EPQ and hearing about it from students who encountered an EPQ themselves allowed us to learn from their mistakes and fully appreciate the significance of it. The entire trip was an unmatched experience as it made our next steps into A levels less daunting and we are truly grateful for the visit.”