Year 4 take a trip back in time to the Chiltern Open Air Museum

Year 4 pupils were excited to visit the Chiltern Open Air Museum where the girls took part in a host of activities.

During the Anglo-Saxon workshop, they were able to translate a message in Latin and had fun writing with quills. They were amazed at how much effort it took to thatch a roof and made discoveries about the lives of people with different stature from a thegn to a Bishop and an Earl.

The Roman workshop was just as fascinating as the girls learnt about Roman life in Britain and were able to explore the types of games Roman children played – so vastly different to the plethora of gadgets they are used to today.

The girls enjoyed trying on the armour worn by soldiers and particularly enjoyed the workshop at the end of the day where they got to make beautiful oil lamps from clay and designed their very own tile mosaics.