A book is a gift you can open again and again…

Each Wednesday, our paired readers from Year 8 and Sixth Form, meet in the Library taking it in turns to read out loud to each other as part of our paired reading initiative. This week we went along to discover what our students think of the sessions.

Year 8 student: “We are reading Read Sky in the Morning by Elizabeth Laird and sometimes I stumble across certain works and am not clear on pronunciations of some words, so paired reading helps with fluency”.

Sixth Former: “Over the time I have been doing paired reading, I can see how her reading skills have improved and she is more confident when reading out loud.”

Year 8 student: “This session is useful as we read a variety of books and you get a better understanding of words.”

Sixth Former: “This session lets us focus on reading skills and allows us also to discuss the book, the characters and offer different opinions of the books.”

Year 8 student: “If you pronounce a wrong word reading out loud helps identify this. If I was reading on my own I would skip the word and not know how to pronounce it.”

Year 8 student: “I find it really helpful. I actually didn’t like reading and I didn’t notice what I was reading but when you read out loud you notice what you’re reading and your vocabulary improves.”

Sixth Former: “I have seen the difference paired reading has made. My student was initially stuttering and was very quiet when reading, however over time, her confidence has improved and we are now having discussions on the books we read, it’s so nice to see this progress.”