An inspiring young fundraiser…

Whether through devoting their time and commitment to a particular cause or in support of fundraising, St Helen’s students embrace their charitable responsibilities fully. Congratulations to Sasha in Year 11  who has been contributing to these efforts and our community in memory of her grandmother who was cared for by St Luke’s Hospice.

Here is an extract from Sasha’s story:

“As soon as I arrived at St Luke’s, I was very nervous, as I knew my grandma was very poorly and didn’t like seeing her so ill. From the very moment I walked into St Luke’s, I was greeted by warm smiles from the friendly staff. All the staff were so kind and made me feel a bit less anxious. They told me how my grandma was such a strong, brave character and what a funny and amazing woman she was.”

“After seeing my grandma I had time to reflect on the hospice. I was so happy that she was being so well looked after and that the staff were so incredible. Unfortunately, a few days later, I was hit with the news that my beloved grandma had passed away.”

“Now, 3 years later, I still miss her every day. Not only was she my relative, she was one of my closest friends. We used to spend every Saturday together at her house doing ‘arts and crafts’ as she was talented and so creative. I learnt so much from her, which inspired me to carry on her legacy by making handmade jewellery and other small cute items, to raise money for the hospice whilst at the same time doing the things she taught me.

“So far, I have already sold lots of bracelets and scrunchies, raising over £1,000 for the hospice. At the end of this year, I will be doing a sale at my school to raise even more, in the hope of smashing my £1,500 target. I am so glad to be fundraising and will continue to keep selling my accessories to help keep my grandma’s spirit alive and to help support the good work of St Luke’s. I know she would be proud!”