Year 5 CSI agents at work

The Science department hosted pupils from our Prep School for an exhilarating science-filled day, designed to inspire and instil a fascination with how the world works and teach a variety of scientific skills in the process. 

Year 5 girls enthusiastically entered into the role of crime scene investigators, wearing forensic suits, collecting evidence and using experimental techniques to analyse the evidence collected.

We firmly believe in maintaining a strong school community, to interact and engage with students across the site, and share specialised subject knowledge beyond the curriculum and with those not yet in secondary school.  The girls were delighted to have had such a thrilling experience in Senior School.



Extracts from Year 5 students  and Anshruta account of the workshop:

“We were all delighted to hear we were to participate in a science workshop, as there was an unexpected surprise for us! Year 5 were going to take part in a crime-solving mystery!

First, we put on dust suits so we didn’t contaminate the area, and examined the scene to discover clues, to find out what might have happened. Later on, we assembled the clues, and gave our opinions about the crime.

Northwood Police allowed us permission to access the folders, which contained information about the criminals, who had been recently caught around the area.  Funnily, they were our teachers, all except for one, Scarlet Rose.” Amelia Year 5

“The entrance had yellow tape crisscrossed over it. We had to duck or jump over it to enter the room. The room had a grid on the floor so when we made a note of the clues we found we could write down the grid coordinates along with it. However, what caught our attention the most, was the outline of a body on the floor, made with tape.  In front of it was a chair toppled over. On the chair, there was a white coat.  Scanning its pockets we found a handwritten note in black ink. Looking closely around the room, we picked out hair strands or different colours using our tweezers. There were a lot more clues but these were the two which led us to solve the mystery.” Anshruta Year 5