A Level Science Live: Physics

An account from our A Level Physics student Shreya:

The venue for this year’s A Level Science Live: Physics was the Savoy Theatre in London. The day consisted of 5 lectures as well as a revision session lead by an
A Level Physics examiner.

Stand out lectures included ‘Plastic Electronics’ by
Dr Jessica Wade and ‘Quantum Biology’ by
Professor Jim Al-Khalili. Dr Wade discussed her research in developing conductive plastics that are lightweight and flexible. These could be used in making TV screens which function using OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. Professor Al-Khalili introduced us to ideas such as quantum tunnelling for the speeding up of chemical reactions in the human body, as well as quantum entanglement which may be used by birds to navigate the sky by detecting the Earth’s magnetic field.

The day was worthwhile and stimulating, leaving us inspired by the great range and interdisciplinary nature of careers in physics.