Celebrations at Phab Club

Phab Club was brimming with excitement as we celebrated the festive season and wished our guest Charlotte a happy 18th birthday. She was overjoyed to be able to share her day with so many wonderful friends.

Charlotte’s mum paid a warm tribute:

“One of my biggest challenges is managing Charlotte’s social life – she watches her sisters go out with friends and have sleepovers and asks “what about me?” I do my best but it’s truly hard on many levels. That’s why Phab is so important to me. Not only did it bring Kate and Ellie into our lives, peers who consistently for years now, think about and reach out to Charlotte, taking her to pizza and ice-cream (which they know means the world to us as a family), but it’s given us a Phab group.  Every other week Charlotte knows she can hang out with other teenagers – some with and some without additional needs. Last night she got to kick start her 18th birthday celebrations with some of them.  Thank you Phab Club – I’d be lost without you!”

Wishing all our guests and families a very Merry Christmas!