St Helen’s Mock Election

In anticipation of today’s results, we decided to host our very own mock elections!  Candidates took questions from Middle School students after hustings held earlier in the week with Upper School and Sixth Form students. The students had been asked in advance what issues they wanted to raise, and questions reflected some of the key issues being discussed in the general election.

Shanti in Year 8 asked about the steps each party would take to reach their goal of cutting carbon emissions to zero. Amara in Year 9 asked how the parties proposed to reduce knife crime and tackle gang culture. Ishanvi in Year 8 raised the issue of the funding of all the spending commitments made by the parties in their manifestos, while Amina in Year 7 wanted to know about the plans each party had for solving the shortage of NHS workers and to improve hospitals. The last two questions focused on schools. Vaishnavi in Year 7 asked about raising educational standards in schools, while Rose also in Year 7 wanted to know how each party would reform the private school system.

Such interesting and diverse questions confidently asked by our pupils and answered eloquently and passionately by our Sixth Form candidates representing the different parties!