British Museum “Troy: Myth and Reality” exhibition

Year 8 went on an exciting trip to the British Museum to discover some of the remains and artefacts of the Trojan War in the “Troy: Myth and Reality” exhibition. Below is an account from a Year 8 student of their experience:

The Trojan War was a ten-year war between the Greeks and the Trojans which took place in the ancient city of Troy. The war was caused because of a simple golden apple, and ended up with thousands killed. The exhibition was fun and informative, and for those interested in Classics, it was a trip never to be forgotten. There were nine layers of Troy in total, and we were able to see artefacts from each. We also learned lots about the archaeological aspects of Troy; how it was discovered and excavated.

We saw lots of artwork relating to the war including a giant marble sculpture of Achilles. As well as the Troy: Myth and Reality exhibition, we also got a chance to visit the Parthenon Gallery, which was surrounded by a long frieze of the procession for the Panathenaia Festival. Inside the gallery, there was also part of a large temple, where a family of very important people were buried. It amazed us that these artefacts were from the real Parthenon, and raised the question of whether they should be returned to Greece.

Overall, the trip really brought to life what we have been learning in Latin, and gave us an insight into the fantastic ancient civilisations from long ago, which have given us so much of what we know today. It really was a fantastic trip!

Shanti, Y8