Supporting Aspirations – Y12 Futures Networking Breakfast

We believe that having the opportunity to meet with a range of professionals is vital if students are to gain an understanding of the reality of working in different sectors and of how the world of work is changing.

Networking is a key aspect of our Year 12 Futures Programme.  Following network training, students are given the opportunity to put into practice their fledgling networking skills at our annual Networking Breakfast which took place this week, and to start to make connections of their own. The event, organised by the Futures Department in partnership with our Development Office, provides a strong and powerful resource for our Sixth Formers to engage with the wealth and breadth of the collective expertise of our alumnae and parental network.

We are enormously grateful to our alumnae and parents who supported the event and gave up their time to share career insights and experiences with our students who relished the opportunity to discuss their ideas and plans.

Some wonderful feedback from one of our networking guests:

“I was so impressed with each and every single student I spoke with today. It wasn’t simply their drive and determination to do something meaningful with their lives; it was also the fact they seemed comfortable in their own skin. They were open, honest, witty – and entirely likeable. They asked engaging questions, which didn’t feel forced – and in truth, I felt humbled by their interest in my education and my career. They might not yet know what the future holds (none of us do) but I feel confident St Helen’s is helping to give them the best possible chance of happiness and success…whatever life throws at them!”