One giant leap for Prep…a journey of discovery

Reception and Year 5 were utterly riveted by the recent planetarium visit. With narration by astronaut Tim Peake, the pupils were immersed in his deeply thoughtful and inspiring personal recount of his experiences of our solar system enabling the girls to imagine what it would be like to travel through space and what might be seen and experienced along the way. It was fascinating to see this up close in a way that wouldn’t normally be possible.

After the educational video, there was an opportunity to ask specific questions on fascinating topics such as the International Space Station. Pupils learnt how this stays in constant orbit of the Earth and what might happen if it speeds up or slows down. The discussion then turned to a closer and more familiar sphere, allowing greater exploration of the Earth and learning more about what is visible to us every day, for example, the Sun and the Moon. Finally the girls were zoomed back out to discover more about the other eight planets including why Pluto has now been redefined as a ‘dwarf planet’. It was a scintillating journey of discovery, enjoyed by all.