An insiders’ guide to Oxbridge

Underpinning our highly commended Futures Programme, is a commitment to ensuring that all students receive outstanding personalised guidance and are empowered to realise their aspirations. As Year 11 students are formulating their career plans, they were given the inside track on life at Oxbridge by some of our wonderfully engaging staff who attended these universities.

Mrs Pether, Deputy Director of Futures, gave an overview of the specialised guidance and support the school offers to girls applying to Oxford and Cambridge. During the panel discussion which followed, teachers gave a refreshing account of their own experience of applying, spoke fondly of their memories – the many highlights and challenges and dispelled some of the myths around Oxbridge.

The students valued the opportunity to hear first-hand experiences and advice and asked a range of questions as they consider their options and familiarise themselves with the application process. Here is just a flavour of some of the insight offered:

Are Oxbridge universities diverse?

Yes, they are more diverse now than ever compared to 20 years ago and the beauty is that you will meet a range of people in your colleges studying different subjects and making friends, and in some cases partners, for life!

What if I don’t get into my chosen college?

If you don’t get in to your chosen college, sit tight as the panel make notes and can recommend you to other colleges.  Colleges can also make bids for students. If you have done well at interview stage, you will most probably get into an alternative college.