Y9 D&T Food Tech Challenge

As pupils are working remotely, the D&T Department set the students a task to help develop their design and creative skills using materials found around home. With only three lessons to research and develop their ideas, Year 9 were introduced to the topic of ‘food technology’!

Some quick independent research led the girls to the Eatwell Guide, an introduction to the five main food groups and the challenge of creating a “bread filled” and nutritional party food.

With primary user requirements carefully analysed, and various themes rapidly iterated through sketching, their kitchens became their workshops and their materials became ingredients. The well composed and thoughtfully considered ‘pack shots’ they have taken, help to promote the final product and will serve as great reminders of these D&T products, long gone.

Judging by the pictures submitted, the girls considered a range of ideas that stretched from quirky and amusing to precise and professional.  Great work Year 9!