Camp Beaumont Breakfast & After School Club at St Helen's | St Helen's
Camp Beaumont Breakfast & After School Club at St Helen’s

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the launch of our brand new Breakfast and After School Club Service, which will be provided by Camp Beaumont from September.  It has become increasingly important in recent years that we support working families by being able to guarantee access to wraparound care when they need it.

The new Breakfast Club will be located in Gables and the After School Club will operate in both Gables and Woolfson.  The increased space we’ve been able to allocate to the Clubs means we anticipate being able to fully meet future demand for places, which will be able to be booked as regular bookings or as ad hoc places right up to the day of the place required.  Daisy Club will be also subsumed into the new After School Club, and we are pleased to be able to continue to offer free places (up to 4pm) for those girls who have siblings higher up the School.

Camp Beaumont has been running highly successful holiday camps in School for many years and will maintain the St Helen’s high standards and approach by drawing on their wider resources and many years of childcare experience.  Camp Beaumont will fully manage the new service and all bookings and payments will be made directly through their dedicated booking system.  This is not quite ready to go live yet, but it is possible to register your interest for places at, where you can also find more about Camp Beaumont and their approach to childcare.

We are delighted to partner with Camp Beaumont in providing the highest quality childcare provision possible.