Cambridge Zero Competition Success – Climate Change

Congratulations to Simi in Y13 who has been selected as one of twelve winners in the Cambridge Zero initiative run by Downing College Cambridge.  Her winning entry reflects on how subject choices at university can play a role in sustainability and climate change. A wonderful achievement Simi, well done!


Climate change for me has proven that there is an evident generational divide in society that is critical for our future. This division is also clear in the other intractable issues of our time like racism and BREXIT. Although a political awakening of the general public has begun, it seems as if we, the youth, have a crucial role in pushing leaders of our respective countries to engineer change fast. I want to study HSPS in order to confront this existential problem. It will require dramatic political interventions and international co-operation (with the help of intergovernmental organisations like the UN) between countries despite their inherent frictions with one another. By understanding people and their societies, we can advise governments on how to restore trust and what the best way is to induce behavioural, social, political and economic change. This will be unique to different countries, all with distinctive cultures, resources, geographies and histories. It will help me define my own view on how to help those, especially vulnerable countries, cope with the most severe threat to their natural life.

Without understanding domestic political systems, we cannot use their individual strengths to overcome the global political inertia that currently exists.