High Intellectual Potential (HIP) Programme

Our aim is to give every girl an excellent, well-balanced education, developing her intellectual, creative and physical abilities to the full. We devote time, energy and imagination to ensure that the education we provide enables all pupils to fulfil their potential. To that end, we are delighted to introduce our unique HIP Programme for pupils with particularly Highest Intellectual Potential (HIP). Just as those with special educational needs are identified and provided with personalised support, so too should those of higher intellectual potential be identified and provided with specialised, individual mentoring and support.

Scholars are automatically part of the programme. Other pupils are selected through a rigorous process involving three nominations of ‘highest intellectual potential’ from their teacher, combined with high level cognitive assessment scores. The main focus of the programme is personalised mentoring for each HIP student through supervisions which will help them develop their particular intellectual interests and enable them to explore new areas of thought. The programme will also include a series of events, lectures and activities to stimulate scholarship and promote ambition. HIP students are expected to make a significant contribution to school life and have a particular responsibility to promote a culture of learning for all members of the school community. They will also undertake termly academic challenges to pursue their love of learning beyond the curriculum which will be open to all our students who are looking for extra challenge.

This is not a closed group and we expect others to become part of the programme, subject to the relevant criteria and nominations by their teachers. The programme should not suggest that pupils who are not part of the HIP programme are receiving anything less; it simply recognises that pupils have differing needs and therefore require different types of support to fulfil their academic potential.

Congratulations to the girls who have been selected thus far. We look forward to working together to maximise their potential, enabling them to lead fulfilled lives and to make a significant contribution to society.