Sixth Form Explorers

Year 13 geographers visited Amersham Field Studies Centre with the dual aim of revising core units and to garner a few ideas for their current non-exam assessments (NEAs). The weather was sublime on both occasions, enabling the girls to really get stuck into the fieldwork that had been planned.

The first day focussed on physical geography, namely, water and carbon cycles. It was reassuring to see girls find a more appropriate, technical approach to measuring stored carbon in a forest environment, other than just hugging trees! Girls also investigated infiltration and interception rates, along with comparative practical investigations on the impacts of different environments on storm hydrographs; which required some patience and quick thinking at times.


The second day focussed on ‘Changing Places Making Spaces’ in Great Missenden to undertake a variety of quantitative and qualitative fieldwork. Students used a variety of fieldwork techniques to get a sense of place, to investigate the character of Great Missenden, how it has changed and how it might change in the future. Helped by the good weather, the girls had a wonderful experience as they learnt new and practical fieldwork skills.