Year 7 Friendship Event

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! In normal times at the beginning of term, Year 7 spend time away from home at the PGL activity centre taking part in various activities and bonding as a year group. Instead, our amazing 21-acre site was transformed into a 3-day team building extravaganza. Campfires instead of sleepovers, from indoor kayaking to archery, it was a whirlwind of activities as the girls spent time getting to know each other and having fun.

A special mention goes to Ms Miller, who created the most amazing immersive experience for the girls alongside our brilliant hosts, Skern Lodge.

This is what some the girls had to say…

My favourite thing about the team-building event was meeting and chatting to girls and also doing pool kayaking, QR code ‘who dunnit’, campcraft and archery!

I loved the bonfire because I really liked singing the songs and listening to stories around the warm fire.  I also made a few friends who I wouldn’t have got to know if we hadn’t had the bonfire.


Even with the virus you were able to let us have a great time with all the activities. My favourite thing about the team-building event is that it is all about teamwork which helped me make a few new friends. I liked two activities the most: archery as Rob (my teacher) was very funny and the organisation challenge. I also liked kayaking in the pool.