In conversation with Ian Walker – HIP Lecture

Incredibly insightful conversation with Ian Walker, Senior Director of London Gifted & Talented who generously launched our HIP programme to parents this week. Our unique HIP Programme for pupils with particularly Highest Intellectual Potential caters for those girls’ very specific educational and pastoral needs. The main focus of the programme is personalised mentoring for each HIP student through supervisions which will help them develop their particular intellectual interests and enable them to explore new areas of thought.

Ian shared thoughtful and helpful techniques and personal experiences providing parents with the tools to better support their daughters during the programme, from the importance of sending the right messages to the girls, to avoiding stepping in to problem-solve. Praising the effort not the intelligence, learning from failure in a safe environment and making mistakes is the pathway to success and by encouraging the students to take on challenging work, they will develop the skills and the resilience that are so vital to be able to lead successful and fulfilling lives beyond school.