1000 Acts of Kindness

The theme for anti-bullying week this year was ‘United Against Bullying’. We wanted to take a more positive approach as a school community and came up with the initiative to introduce the theme of 1000 Acts of Kindness where each pupil would submit an act of kindness, either one that had been received or one that had been observed, in the aim of amassing 1000 during the course of the week.

From Prep through to Senior School, the girls took part in different daily activities. Girls in Nursery and Reception completed jigsaw pieces to illustrate how they were going to show kindness to each other and Years 3-6 shared and uploaded their acts of kindness onto Teams. Mismatch Sock Monday saw pupils and staff from across the school wearing odd socks to celebrate our differences and individuality. In Senior School we provided a Listening Ear service all week – a space for students to talk to a Sixth Form student about anything that might be on their mind or bothering them. Talking Tuesday involved tutor groups discussing varying topics around bullying. Writing Wednesday allowed students to go through the school’s anti-bullying policy and feed back on areas they felt ought to be included and addressed. On Flattering Thursday, tutor groups formed compliment circles where they said nice things about each other and Friendly Friday saw the girls form pledges as a tutor group on how they would continue to be kind to one another as a community, as well as reframe negative thoughts into more positive ideas. Senior School also launched the the House writing competition and we look forward to receiving all submissions in the next couple of weeks. 


St Helen’s is a warm and kind school and this week has reaffirmed these values that are at the heart of our school. Our school community has been able to shine an even greater light on the importance of kindness and we’re delighted that we have come together to smash our target by reaching 1736 acts of kindness in one week. Well done to everyone involved!