A passion for compassion – St Helen’s alumnae offer advice to our budding medics

Some of our most popular events are Medical evenings and hubs run by our Futures Department. We recently hosted our very first Medical webinar, attracting over 80 students from Years 10-12. The chance to speak with and hear from former students, who were themselves once Girls in Green, gives our students insight into and understanding of a profession that only comes from speaking to those who have been there, done that and got the T-shirt!

We were honoured to be joined by four alumnae who shared their experiences:

  • Dr Emma Husbands [Class of 1996] a Consultant in Palliative Medicine at the Gloucestershire Hospitals
  • Dr Shreya Karia  [Class of 2006] GP at the Aspri Medical Centre
  • Dr Shivani Amdekar [Class of 2005) Registrar in Anaesthesia at the Royal Free Hospital
  • Maria Ahmad [Class of 2016] 5th Year Medical Student at Queen Mary University

Building on a similar theme raised at an earlier Dentistry webinar last term, all contributors offered the same advice – choose an A Level subject that you are passionate about as these are often subjects that are looked favourably on by medical schools as they prefer candidates to have breadth in their profile. Students gained valuable insight and appreciated the panel’s balanced view as they discussed the rewards and challenges of pursuing a career in Medicine. For many of our students, the session reinforced their desire and decision to continue studying on this path.

Whilst many of our speakers specialise in different areas of Medicine, they all shared a commitment to help others, to foster an enquiring mind, a universal desire to continue learning and training throughout their professional lives and above all, to inspire confidence in their patients. They spoke candidly about the challenges they face on a daily basis, the hard work involved and the need to be physically and emotionally resilient but encouraged and inspired the girls and highlighted the incredible rewards and enormous privilege being able to make a positive difference to the lives of others.