Prep School – Mental Health Week

Pupils in Prep School have embraced Children’s Mental Health Week and produced the most wonderful moments to capture the mood and sentiment. The girls focused on the theme of kindness and how they can share kindness towards others and themselves.

Year 6 used Charlie Mackesy’s book The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse, and in particular his introduction and illustration on kindness as a stimulus to create their own illustrations and wrote or borrowed quotes from others that resonated. These are just some of their fabulous work…

here’s what the girls had to say…

Millie, Year 6

I absolutely loved today! I really enjoyed wearing a piece of my clothing inside-out, and had fun doing it. I felt really loose and no longer stressed after I did that yoga class, it really stretched my muscles after sitting in a chair for hours and hours on end. When we did the gratitude garden, I really felt like I was in the garden, planting those gratitude seeds and the rain splashing onto my face and the scorching sun sending rays of light beaming on my face. It really calmed and relaxed me, making me feel tranquil and sleepy. I hope that we can do this exercise again, as well as the bell one. When we did the ‘moving out of your comfort zone’ exercise, I wrote down all my fears, thinking there was no way to get rid of them, until I did the next steps and almost immediately found a solution to overcome them, one by one. I cannot wait till our next Mental Health Day and hope that it can be as awesome as this one! 

Zara, year 6

Today what I have taken away is that I have learnt a lot more about myself because we were talking about our comfort zones and stepping outside of them and also just thinking about what I really enjoy doing and what makes me feel comfortable. I had fun writing my plan about things I am going to do to face my fears.

Raeyah, Year 5

Yesterday was Mental Health Day and although it was online, it really brightened up my lockdown.  One of the tasks we completed was colouring T-shirts to represent emotions such as stress or happiness. On my ‘stress’ T-shirt, I drew squiggly lines to represent jumbled up thoughts and on my ‘happiness’ T-shirt to show how I felt on a summer’s day, I drew a rainbow and a sun.

Also, we made a positivity jar where we collected positive quotes and put them in a decorated jar. This was really helpful as whenever I feel down about lockdown, I can take a quote out and it will brighten my day. The quote I took out today was, ‘The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you have got to put up with the rain.’ This is a very heart-warming quote and it is certainly the best quote so far.