STEM Success…

We are thrilled that two of our Year 12 students, Sophie Khaddaj and Shreya Kabra have been recognised for outstanding work in STEM. Sophie, one of our HIP students, has recently won an international research competition, the DCABES 2020 international symposium in China (Distributed Computing and Applications in Business, Engineering and Sciences Conference) for her presentation and research paper on Infectious Diseases. Shreya’s article The Controversy of Time, was selected by Yale students and has been published in their magazine, Young Global Scientists.

Click on the image to listen to Sophie presenting her work on infectious disease management with Oxford University. Her work has also been selected for extension and further publication in an international journal, Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal, which will be published later in the year.


“Since learning about many biological processes, I realised their fundamental and vital role in living organisms. I became fascinated by processes, such as evolution by natural selection, as I recognised the criticality of their role and their impact on human health. Thus, I wanted to apply it for the management of emerging infectious diseases; a research interest sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic. The project was conducted with medical researchers (consultants) at Oxford University Hospital, with the aim to devise a new generic approach for both prevention and containment of infectious diseases that draws on experience in biology, behavioural science, mathematical modelling and advanced computing technology. It was thrilling and rewarding to be able to work with the group and produce my first major publication, and present it at an international conference in China.

I am currently working on a new publication, and in the future I will carry on working to consolidate my multidisciplinary knowledge and research, and apply it to solving some of the problems facing humanity, including cancer research. I would also like to thank my wonderful HIP mentor, Mrs Thomas, for her continuous support and encouragement throughout my project and for giving me this opportunity to share my work with the school community.” Sophie Khaddaj, Year 12

Congratulations also to Shreya Kabra, whose article The Controversy of Time which explores the fundamental nature of time, was selected and published by Yale students.  Her inspiring work can be viewed on page 12. Click on the image to read the full article.