Science Week in Prep School – ‘Innovating for the Future’

The whole of Prep School has had enormous fun participating in Science Week based on the theme of Innovating for the Future.

Nursery and Reception made and investigated a strange slime which is either a solid or liquid depending on how it is handled.  Years 1 and 2 investigated displacement in ‘Don’t Tip the Ship’ where they tried to load a simple paper boat with coins to see how much it could carry and then used their findings to design a boat to carry as much weight as possible.  Years 3 and 4 carried out an investigation on their unsuspecting families to see whether the appearance of food affects how it tastes to us.  Years 5 and 6 looked at the different characteristics of insects and used some of these to design their own robo-bug to carry out a search and rescue or exploration task.  It was interesting for the girls to see how the skills they developed are used by scientists and engineers around the world to innovate for all our futures.

The week culminated in a day off-timetable to carry out investigations on ‘forces’ using everyday equipment found at home: ranging from teddies riding zipwires, cans jumping out of mugs without being touched, using only friction to stick two magazines together so even the strongest person is not able to pull them apart, to watching the effects of zero gravity right here on earth…

Who knew the everyday forces we take for granted could be so much fun?!