Particle Physics Masterclass

Earlier this month, A Level physicists took part in a Particle Physics Masterclass run by the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory.

Students were treated to a fascinating introduction to the standard model of Particle Physics followed by a tour of the ISIS particle accelerator. They also had the opportunity to hear from two industrial year placement students, a biologist and an electrical engineer, who shared insights into how neutrons can be used for imaging to test electronics and improve the fight against bacteria.

The girls spent time exploring life as a CERN particle physicist and were challenged to analyse real data investigating particle tracks and collisions in Python to find that illusive particle, the Nobel-winning discovery, considered one of the most important in particle physics in the last 50 years.

Thank you to our speakers and hosts Dr Emanuel Olaiya, Sujit Malde, Paige, Dr Kristian Harder and Dr Julie Kirk – it was an incredibly rewarding experience for our students.