Read-a-thon – whole school charity event

So proud of our school community, as we introduce our first whole-school charity event of 2021 – Read-a-thon – to encourage students, parents, families, friends, staff, alumnae, governors and friends of the school to support The New Hope Trust by reading as many books as possible before Easter.

The New Hope Trust is an organisation which provides provision and shelter for the homeless in the local area. During this unprecedented time, people who are locked in poverty or living on the streets need this organisation more than ever before. In the UK, more than 14 million people are living in poverty – including 4.5 million children. The New Hope Trust supports the homeless by providing meals, sleeping bags and accommodation as well as helping people break the cycle of homelessness. They also give support to help people resolve other emergencies they may face including mental health, education, mediation and training.

During lockdown, we have all enjoyed some time to reflect on our lives and to take on new hobbies as well as expand existing ones. Reading is a fundamental skill that can bring together people of all ages and interests and its value can’t be overestimated. It can help develop ways of thinking and points of view; it gives endless knowledge on various topics and broadens horizons – all while keeping the mind active and entertained. Reading helps people learn faster and sharpens perception skills. It also expands vocabulary, hones critical thinking skills and improves focus.

We will be asking everyone to read as much as they can, get sponsored for the books they read, or donations can be made to our fund raising page:

It is an amazing feeling to know that our whole St Helen’s community comes together in these challenging times to make a real difference to our wider community.