Futures Medicine & Dentistry webinar

Insightful webinar run by our Futures Department who invited alumnae, Dana Afshar (Class of 2016), Amisha Kalra (Class of 2019), Shivani Malde (Class of 2020), Keya Pindolia (Class of 2019) and Mythini Prabaharan (Class of 2020) to share their experiences with Sixth Form students looking to pursue careers in Medicine and Dentistry.

From a broad range of university bases including UCL, King’s College London, University of Birmingham, and the University of Nottingham, our alumnae guest speakers shared their top tips with the girls as they prepare for their university applications. 

top tips…

  • Darya at Kings: Prepare for clearing and make a flow chart for different scenarios as it will help you make decisions quickly. Additionally, get a mentor at university and be proactive – chase opportunities and leads and don’t be afraid to take a gap year;
  • Shivani at Birmingham: The journey is long so be patient. Speak to as many people as you can and be sure to get a good understanding of the course. You need to work out what works for you;
  • Mythini at Kings:  While you are waiting to hear from universities, it is important to keep busy and be positive as it can take time to hear back;
  • Amisha at UCL:  Don’t overthink what you’re doing. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get in and there are always other opportunities just around the corner;
  • Keya at Nottingham: take each stage as it comes. Work hard to get the best-predicted grades now and then work towards the next step.