Year 6 Production ‘Memories’

Superb performances from Year 6 who took part in their end-of-year Drama production on the theme of Memories. 

Pupils were asked to think about their time in Prep School and worked on the production during their Drama lessons, spending several weeks brainstorming, devising and writing poems and sketches. The three very different productions were a culmination of all their ideas. There were stories from their nursery days, memories of the Gym & Dance show in Year 3, funny moments and anecdotes of their time in Prep School, and of course the impact of lockdown and remote learning, where girls mimicked teachers and parents.

Each class gave exceptional performances and they were thrilled to have the opportunity to bring their production to life on a stage. The girls performed with such confidence and joy providing the audience with a comic and insightful journey into life at St Helen’s. We wish you all the best in Senior School girls!