Science Week…

What a week! It’s been a hive of activity as Prep and Senior School pupils immersed themselves in a comprehensive programme of stimulating activities and workshops hosted during Science Week.

Prep School

The week started with Year 6 pupils attending a Sports Science workshop where they had fun comparing their own strength and speed with those of animals and the differences in physiology and muscle mass.


Year 2 learned how to look out for signs of a chemical reaction by spotting changes in colour, transparency, smell, temperature and gas.  They watched as a white solution turned blue just by shaking it and loved watching the teachers set fire to bubbles to illustrate how the colours in fireworks are produced.

The Year 4 Science workshop took place in Senior School which was an additional thrill for the girls. They learnt about prey and predators and how animals hunt and evade capture in their environment.

Senior School

It was a busy week in Senior School too. Year 10 took part in a virtual reality showcase with the Royal Airforce Air Cadets while Year 8 participated in a cyber forensics workshop run by the Smallpeice Trust, which gives young people the support they need to bring their big ideas to life through a passion for STEM. Other year groups tested water rockets!

Year 7 had a great time honing their engineering skills while competing to see who could build the tallest tower using spaghetti and jelly sweets and in the process, discovered that a pyramid is a super stable shape.

Year 8 cooked up conductive playdough to build some squishy circuits. After some very sticky kneading, they moulded their dough into exciting shapes with flashing LEDs, testing their knowledge of electricity, complete and short circuits.  Do try this at home!