Prep Sports Day

Despite the unpredictable weather, it was wonderful being able to host Sports Day in Prep School this year. The girls loved being able to compete in front of their friends and staff. Here’s a round up of events…

Nursery & Reception

Nursery had their first St Helen’s Prep Sports Day and took part in a Daisy relay and 30m sprint. It was fantastic watching them working in class teams to run as fast as possible to place the petal on the daisy before sprinting towards the finish line. Reception pupils took part in the teddy and spoon race and at times, the girls were concentrating so much not to drop their teddy, they sometimes stopped before the finish line! It was their turn to sprint over 40m and did an excellent job. Well done to all the girls.

Year 1

Year 1 Sports Day was indoors this year but the girls adapted really well and performed brilliantly over the indoor hurdles which increased in height, the further they ran down the track.

Year 2 

Pupils in Year 1 were set the challenge to skip down a 50m track – the sprints saw some fiercely fought races and excellent running techniques. It finished with the girls’ first experience of a house event with the house relays. They did amazingly well and developed a fantastic understanding of a relay. Congratulations to Nightingale for winning both relays!

Year 3

Despite the poor weather, the girls adapted really well to indoor activities, and showed great determination and teamwork. The cheers that carried around the Sports Hall were fantastic and definitely felt like a proper Sports Day atmosphere.


Year 4

Year 4 Sports Day was definitely one of the loudest events this year! The girls showed real determination and grit for their class/house peers as they took part in various ball, hurdle and sprint challenges.


Years 5 & 6

It was a fantastic afternoon with lots of extremely fast races and some personal bests across hurdles, rounders, sprints and relays. This was an especially poignant moment for Year 6 in their final year in Prep School to be able to celebrate together. The girls coped really well in the heat and it was joyous to see the girls supporting each other and celebrating each other’s success.

Well done to CURIE the overall winners of Prep School Sports Day 2021!