1,000 Acts of Kindness…

We were delighted to see the return of our 1,000 Acts of Kindness campaign in support of Anti-Bullying Week as students from across the school, from Prep School through to Sixth Form, came together to collectively amass 1,000 acts of kindness through a variety of activities. The aim is to encourage students to be kind to each other by sharing anything kind that they had seen or received during the course of the week.

A girl in 7L helped me prepare for our form time assembly even though she had a lot to do herself.

The week kicked off with Mismatch Socks Monday to highlight how we should celebrate differences and it was great to see so many wacky pairs being worn!

My friend was really kind to me when I wasn’t in school, and made sure I had all my catch up work and they also messaged me to ask how I was feeling.

On Talking Tuesday students were encouraged to reflect and feedback on the school’s anti-bullying policy so we can constantly improve how we address forms of unkindness. Wordy Wednesday gave students the opportunity to write compliments during form time and it was heart-warming to see so many smiling faces before starting their school day. Arty Thursday saw the girls creating art displays around the theme of kindness and on Finale Friday, one girl from each year group was awarded a prize for writing the kindest poem.

Someone came and ate lunch with me when I was by myself.

Click here to view the winning Sixth Form entry by Ria in Year 13.

Other activities have included House points being given to every student who chose a book on the theme of kindness from the library and girls raised money in support of the Anti-Bullying Alliance by baking and hosting a charity cake sale.

We would like to thank the girls for the kindness they show to each other and to the staff at St Helen’s and are proud of the 1,189 kind acts that were given and received throughout the week.