Out and about in Prep School

It’s wonderful to have schools trips up and running and to see our pupils immerse themselves in activities that are fun and foster a love of learning. In recent weeks pupils in Prep School have been on a path of discovery…

Year 4 visit the Chiltern Open Air Museum

Year 4 had a fantastic day visiting the Chiltern Open Air Museum and experiencing life as Anglo Saxons to support their learning in History. Memorable moments included dressing up as a warrior, handling Saxon brooch and rune-making. Perhaps the most unusual activity of the day however, was understanding the diet of the Anglo Saxons, which involved dissecting pretend poo (!) to find out what foods they may have eaten!


Year 6 decode Bletchley Park

Year 6 travelled to Bletchley Park for a day of code breaking and to learn more about the important work that took place there. The girls took part in an interesting morse code workshop and were delighted to be the quickest school to crack the codes! It was a thrilling day for the pupils which also included an exciting D-Day tour as they listened to riveting stories shared by the tour guide.


Year 3 visit Celtic Harmony

Year 3 explored life in the Stone Age at a recent trip to Celtic Harmony – pupils learnt how to make fires; how food (soup) was prepared and how shelters were made. They also learnt what was gathered to make food, what was hunted and what resources they had available during this time. The girls loved discovering all the secrets of pre-history.


Year 4 trip to Watford

Year 4 visited the Watford Mosque and were given a guided tour of the main prayer hall and the Wudu room where different artefacts were on display. The girls asked some excellent questions, listened brilliantly and behaved very respectfully which was noted by the Imam during their visit.