Martial Arts Success for Shania

Talented Shania in Year 6, who has been practising the Martial Art form of Choi Kwang Do since the age of five under the care, guidance and instruction of the Musa Martial Arts Academy, has successfully achieved her black belt after a gruelling two hour grading examination process.

During lockdown, Shania was able to continue to train virtually with the academy and over the course of continuous testing, she has gained over fourteen different grades of colour belts to bring her up to 1st Degree Black Belt status.

This is an incredible achievement! Shania’s journey is only just beginning and we wish her every success as she builds on her tremendous commitment and hard work.


Choi Kwang Do is considered to be the most effective martial arts system in the world. It uses natural, easy-to-learn, sequential movements to enhance your health as you learn self-defence. It uses sequential movement to transfer natural energy from one body segment and allows muscle groups to work intricately together to produce the most effective and powerful movements.