The science of well-being: Sixth Form lecture with author and journalist Catherine de Lange

Our Sixth Form and Year 11 students were treated to thought-provoking lessons on the science of well-being this week, as St Helen’s was joined by Catherine de Lange, Head of Features at New Scientist.

Catherine’s day at St Helen’s began with her Sixth Form lecture on her new book, Brain Power: Everything You Need to Know for a Healthy, Happy Brain.

From food and sleep to music and light, she offered practical strategies on exercising the brain that are so important for our well-being, as well as the science behind these important lessons.

Catherine de Lange delivers a lecture in a hall on her new book, Brain Power

She then delivered a masterclass in Science Communication to our Year 11 Science students. This fascinating workshop included analysis of science writing and a discussion on what makes a skilled communicator in the age of modern media.

Thank you to Catherine for preparing such compelling talks for our students — the science journalists (and readers) of the future.