Values: The Foundation of Success [Sixth Form Lecture series]

How can values such as integrity and compassion help students become leaders of the future?

For our first Sixth Form Lecture this term, we were honoured to welcome Olusegun Aganga, Former Minister of Finance for Nigeria, to discuss this question.

Values: The Foundation of Success [Video Transcript]

My name is Olusegun Aganga, Former Minister of Finance of Nigeria, Former Minister of Industry Trade and Investment. I’m here today to give a lecture to the Sixth Form students of St Helen’s School here in north London. The topic of that lecture is that values is a foundation of the success in life. The reason we have chosen that is that they are at a critical stage in their lives, they are just finishing their, almost finishing their A-Level exams and it’s important that they understand what success means and how they can be the best that they want to be.

History has shown that the most successful countries in the world are based on core values, on their culture. The most successful nations in the world are also built on some strong values and the most successful individuals, leaders anywhere in the world have succeeded because they have leverage on some core values.

And when we talk about values, we talk about, of course there are so many values but we are talking about these values of integrity, we are talking about of excellence, we are talking about compassion, we are talking about discipline, we are talking about hard work. These are all the values that the girls require to have academic excellence and the best they can be anywhere in the world.