Aishani Wins Gold at Ruislip and Watford Festivals

A huge congratulations to Aishani in Year 10, who has won Speech and Drama trophies at not one, but two local competitions!

At Watford Festival, Aishani competed in five modules, at times competing against professional actors, and achieved four Gold medals and one Bronze medal — at that point, this was her biggest total in her history of competing.

Then at the Ruislip-Northwood Festival in the Speech and Drama category, she beat her previous record with four Gold medals, the Star Award (Best of the Festival Award) for her monologue from Agnes of God, and the following:

  • Prose Reading – The Ruislip-Northwood Prose Award
  • Verse Speaking – The Ruislip-Northwood Rotary Club Cup
  • Public Speaking – Mr & Mrs BG Reid Shield
  • Acting – Mr & Mrs Schiller Cup

In all four of these categories, Aishani was awarded a rare ‘Outstanding’ (marks above 90).

Many congratulations Aishani!