St Helen’s girls on the BBC World Service

Haleemah and Hana, both in Year 6, were invited into the BBC studios to share their thoughts on the effects of the beauty industry for ‘Girls, Beauty and Advertising’.

The girls were also given a tour of the recording areas to see where news shows are broadcast from. They did a brilliant job articulating their views, and of course were broadcast worldwide – a wonderful experience and important thing for them to do.

You can listen to the episode on the BBC website here.

We caught up Y6 Haleemah last week about her experience on being invited to the BBC Studios to share her thoughts on the effect of the beauty industry for ‘Girls, Beauty and Advertising’:

“Going to the BBC studio was a huge experience for me and I got the opportunity to see lots of the things I see on tv, like the set where they film the news and we even caught a glimpse of some of the newscasters preparing for the 6 o’clock news.

“The studio was huge and there were so many computers and people working there. After settling down we began recording, there were four huge microphones and a multiple cameras taking videos of us. I was extremely nervous but when we started talking my nerves slowly began to disappear.”