Sports Days are back!

It was fantastic to have Sports Days back live after three years this month, and hear the support from the crowd at Hillingdon Athletics Stadium!

It was fantastic to see and hear the cheering from the houses and spectators, and it was clear how excited the students were to be back: there was an incredible atmosphere that didn’t tire from start to end.

Prep School

EYFS and KS1

The EYFS and Key Stage One Sports Day was an afternoon of excitement and perseverance – especially in the Year 2 skipping – and focus in the Reception teddy and spoon race!

The Nursery girls thoroughly enjoyed their first Sports Day, and watching the other races. Year 1 showed their skill level over the hurdles especially as they got higher nearer the end.

Year 2 now compete in houses and was a great opportunity for them to experience an event with house spirit and prepare them for Key Stage 3.

Well done to Earhart for winning the event!

Years 3-6

Years 3-6 started their Sports Day afternoon with picnics in their houses and warm-ups led by the Year 10 Sports Leaders. After this they were ready to go with hurdles as the first event.

The girls showed excellent resilience in the hurdles with some great performances. There was more resilience shown in the 400m and 800m from each year group and everyone was very proud to see and hear the crowd’s support as the girls made their way round the track and some sprints to cross the finish line!

The field events were great and fantastic support from the crowd – especially in the run up to the long jump! The sprints were fast and the job at the finish line was a well-oiled machine ready to get the girls into their correct positions. The final event of the afternoon were the relays, and these always create lots of excitement!

We also had many new records set in Year 3 Hurdles, Year 5 Long Jump, Year 5 Vortex, Year 6 Vortex, Year 3 Relay – Keller, Year 4 Relay – Curie, Year 5 Relay – Earhart , and Year 6 Relay – Nightingale.

Well done to Nightingale for winning the event!

Senior School

This was our first Senior School Sports Day with our new houses and all students wore their house colours and chanted their new songs with such pride. Everyone involved displayed courage to overcome their race nerves, resilience to keep going when it got hard and kindness by supporting one another all day long.

Here are some highlights of the day:

  • Mya (Year 12) and Alice (Year 10) went toe to toe the whole way around in a really exciting year 10+ 800m. They could only be separated in the last few strides of a sprint finish with Mya narrowly claiming the gold on this occasion.
  • Christina (Year 10), our Middlesex Schools champion, showed us her long jump talent, leaping to a huge 4m70cm
  • Jenani (Year 9) front ran and stormed to victory in the 1200m, winning her age group by over 100m — a very tough race on such a hot day!

A particular well done to Bronte, who were the overall winners.


Thank you to all the girls across Prep School and Senior School for your excellent sportsmanship and house spirit, to our Year 10 Sports Leaders who helped with warm-ups for the younger girls, and to our parents for getting involved!