The St Helen’s Music Tour Heads to Paris

Just after the end of term, 93 pupils from Years 7 to 13 travelled to Paris for four days, on the first St Helen’s Music Tour for many years.

Students sang two concerts, one in the Jardin Du Luxembourg and the other in Jardin Villemin, featuring the various Disney-related songs they have learnt through the year.

These were well received by those in the park and passers-by; due to the lovely weather there were many people out and about.

The pupils explored some of Paris’ famous landmarks, embarking on a boat cruise along the Seine from the Eiffel Tower; they passed many highlights along the way including Notre Dame and the Louvre.

One whole day was dedicated to Disneyland, and the girls enjoyed a whole variety of rides, parades and attractions on a very fine day, taking full advantage of the water rides and plentiful ice cream stalls to cool down!

It was fantastic to see pupils from different year groups enjoying the company of their friends and forming new friendships along the way; we are all looking forward to the next tour.