2022 Joint Production: The Great Gatsby

A truly immersive experience into Fitzgerald’s world of tragedy and romance.

Last month, the Rowland Brown Hall was transformed into the most elegant party scene for the St Helen’s 2022 Joint Production of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, with Merchant Taylors’ School.

The walls had been draped in gold-sequined cut outs. Accompanying them were white-clothed round tables and chairs decorated with the same gorgeous detailing. The lights began to dim, and slowly the chatter faded away. At that moment, it was no longer a rainy day in mid-November in Northwood; the audience had been placed directly within New York City in all its 1920s glory.

An old jazz piece was played on the piano and the musical notes filled the golden, warm atmosphere. The ambience was buzzing. Anticipation was high with hushed tones of “Jay Gatsby” in thick American accents circulating around the hall, adding to the secretive nature of the titular character.

The sparkling ensemble glided across the room, greeting the party guests, with the vintage lights reflecting off their bejewelled outfits and creating an incandescent glow.

A magnificent performance

The whole performance was executed with intricacy and attention to detail. From the moving performances delivered by the extremely talented cast, to the last piece of golden confetti which danced down from the ceiling, every detail was magnificent.

Audience members were made to feel as though they were living within the story. When it came time for bows, there was a thunderous applause from the audience – which could be heard from outside!

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