Teens in Artificial Intelligence Global Hackathon

Year 11 and 12 students took a deep dive into the world of AI in a competition aimed at inspiring teenagers to deploy machine learning for social good.

The Teens in Artificial Intelligence Hackathon Competition saw 14 St Helen’s students enter an immersive contest against teams from across the globe to solve a problem using AI and Data Science. Across an entire weekend students had the opportunity to go granular on learning aspects and techniques of AI and software development.

Students were given talks on the ethics of AI, mentored on software use, taught the rudiments of managing a large project and introduced to new coding skills.

They were then tasked with working in teams to develop and pitch an app or website that tackles problems in either healthcare, education or gender inequality.

Pupils worked tirelessly across the weekend to design, code and present their projects and ideas to the judges who were left with the challenging task of choosing a champion team. After much deliberation the best product award went to team Readica, comprised of Riya, Hannah, Rahavi, Amy and Rhea. The product they designed was focused on teaching children to read at an earlier age. Team Readica will now go forward to the national round of the competition.

Best of luck in the next round team Readica, we are championing you all the way!