Teresa May Speaks at Leadership Seminar Attended by Year 12 Students

Our Year 12 students were invited to a MARCOM’s leadership seminar at the Northwood Headquarters of the Allied Maritime Command where The Right Honourable Teresa May MP was key speaker.

This event was part of International Women’s Day 2023 and focused on unlocking greater leadership opportunities for women, overcoming the challenges faced in gaining access to high performing roles, and authentic, inclusive leadership.

Speakers at this event included:

  • Professor Rosie Campbell, Director of the Institute of Women’s Leadership
  • Zara Mohammed, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Great Britain
  • Sona Sherratt, Professor of Practice, Ashbridge Executive Education

One of our students commented:

The talks were very insightful and it was clear that those who do reach the highest positions were also the ones who had faced greater challenges to have attained their roles. We all realised that the path towards equity is not an easy one, it requires ongoing effort and commitment from everyone.

Speakers discussed topics ranging from female under representation in the workplace, particularly in positions of leadership, the authenticity and level of psychological safety required for high performing teams to excel and the challenges they themselves have faced due to societal and career inequality.

Jenany, Year 12, CCF Cadet says:

It is important to be your authentic self and to believe in yourself, as if you don’t, no one will.